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Cloud Computing

Your mission critical operations require business tools and data that consistently available and always secure. The cloud provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources; we know how to get what you need and keep it safe. We use the latest cloud products and services to create secure solutions that never sacrifice performance. 

Big Data

We understand your need for data, and we’re here to help you collect, protect, and connect it. We specialize in developing, deploying, and supporting scalable big data systems using open architecture approaches. Our solutions will help you discover data integrations that let you make the most of your analytical tools.

System Engineering

Systems are what we know best. We’re ready to help you define your needs, develop algorithms, and deploy complex systems to meet time-sensitive and mission-critical requirements. Our system architectures are designed to solve your mission problems today and grow with you into tomorrow.

Software Development

Our software engineers understand what you need. They’ll create the tools and solutions you need to meet your goals and remain at the forefront of technological innovation. We’re well-versed in agile methodologies, and we believe strongly in version control, consistent reporting, and above all, customer satisfaction.

Our customers and teammates make up valuable partnerships for SSATI. We’re committed to providing the very best service, and our partners know exactly what they’re getting with SSATI: knowledgeable, committed employees who love their work and strive to stay at the top of their industry. Our mission-critical skills and valuable contract experience make us a partner in demand. If you’re interested in partnering with SSATI or discovering more about our capabilities, please get in touch.